David Cronenberg's Wife

David Cronenberg's Wife: My Best Friend's Going Out with a Girl I Like/Alta

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Title: My Best Friend's Going Out with a Girl I Like/Alta
Label: Blang
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Second single from ascending underground music scenesters DCW. The band's hallmark surf guitar and snare heavy drums combine with ingenious outbursts of electrical appliances to underpin A-side's delirious tale of betrayal and revenge - a modern day teenage blues lament. Opposites attract and B-side complements with a tender story of a marriage ceremony gone wrong. Or is it? Google "Altair Voyager" and you find it's the former name of Texaco's mega oil tanker formerly known as Condoleezza Rice III. Fact! Previous single "I couldn't Get Off" was heralded by Sounds XP as "remarkable, down-beat, dead-eyed, sleaze-pop" while Everett True at Plan B praised the band as "an authentic mid-80's independent band - sarcastic, sardonic and articulate with dark gothic undertones". Originally from Manchester, DCW capture the dark and moody spirit of late 70's post-punk psychedelia. Rocket PR have recently taken DCW onto their roster and will spearhead a radio campaign. Upcoming Gig Dates : Mar 24th 2008: The Water Rats (Kings Cross). April 24th the Monarch (Camden), May 16th 17th 2008: (UK Antifolk Festival), 12 Bar Club.

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