David Jordan

David Jordan: Set the Mood

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Artist: David Jordan

Artist: David Jordan
Title: Set the Mood

UK version includes one bonus track, 'On the Money'. David Jordan delivers contemporary British pop in an exciting new direction with searing rock guitars, throbbing party rhythms and blissful melodies. He draws influences from Marvin Gaye, the Jackson Five, James Brown, Prince, Lenny Kravitz and even Guns & Roses. Each song in the album exudes a different flavor, bringing you on an eclectic journey. Universal. 2007.

1.1 On the Money
1.2 Place in My Heart
1.3 Sun Goes Down
1.4 Set the Mood
1.5 Love Song
1.6 Move on
1.7 Sweet Prince
1.8 If I'm in Love
1.9 Glorious Day
1.10 Only Living Soul
1.11 Fight the World

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