David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth: Your Filthy Little Mouth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: David Lee Roth

Title: Your Filthy Little Mouth
Label: Friday Music

OUR FILTHY LITTLE MOUTH - DAVID LEE ROTH - Your Filthy Little Mouth is the fourth full-length studio LP by David Lee Roth, then the former lead singer of the American rock band Van Halen. It was produced by Nile Rodgers whose work had included David Bowie and Madonna, and orginally released in 1994.

1.1 She's My Machine
1.2 Everybody's Got the Monkey
1.3 Big Train
1.4 Experience
1.5 A Little Luck
1.6 Cheatin' Heart Cafe
1.7 Hey, You Never Know
1.8 No Big 'Ting
1.9 You're Breathin' It
1.10 Your Filthy Little Mouth
1.11 Land's Edge
1.12 Night Life
1.13 Sunburn
1.14 You're Breathin' It

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