David Novick

David Novick: Your Sister's Hand

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: David Novick

Artist: David Novick
Title: Your Sister's Hand
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited seven inch vinyl-only pressing. 'Your Sister's Hand' stands distinctly from his debut, bringing the deep-country campfire Folk vibe in from the great out-of-doors, where the shape of the sound is more defined and more pronounced, forward and colorful in arrangement, all of which allows the songs to shine brighter. Filled with light and fragrant sounds and songs, 'Your Sister's Hand' is a hypnotic day-trip that wants to ride along with you as you go.

1.1 Gate
1.2 Beneath the Line
1.3 Inside the Eye
1.4 Your Sister's Hand
1.5 Until You Show
1.6 Ash
1.7 Last Moon
1.8 Carry Home the Light
1.9 Memory

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