De Berchem / Die Singphoniker

De Berchem / Die Singphoniker: Magnificat

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Title: Magnificat
Label: Cpo Records

Here, the polyphonic segments of the selected Magnificat compositions are based not on monophonic models but on preexistent compositions. Accordingly, here we have to do with parody works in which a procedure widespread in Masses is applied to the Magnificat. Forty of Lasso's 101 Magnificat compositions are to be assigned to this type. These imitation Magnificats in no way involve a simple re-textualization of preexistent works. At the beginning Lasso mostly rather precisely draws on his particular model, but then he quickly departs from it. In the Magnificat on Rore's Da le belle contrade the beginning corresponds to the original, but soon thereafter it departs from it; the textual passage in Deo salutari is completely freely set. This procedure thus is somewhat similar to collage technique: the possibilities range from the use of whole passages to the relayering of blocks, paraphrasing, quotations of individual voices, free continuation, and so on. The result may safely be termed a new creation on the basis of a preexistent work. The sound developed by the Singphoniker may be described as cathedral and no less directly immediate.

1.1 Da Le Belle Contrade
1.2 Magnificat Sexti Toni, Da Le Belle Contrade
1.3 O D'io Potessi Donna
1.4 Magnificat Secundi Toni, O S'io Potessi Donna
1.5 Praeter Rerum Seriem
1.6 Magnificat Secundi Toni, Praeter Rerum Seriem
1.7 Il Est Jour
1.8 Magnificat Secundi Toni, Il Est Jour
1.9 S'io Credessi Per Morte Essere Scarco
1.10 Magnificat Tertii Toni, S'io Credessi Per Morte Essere Scarco
1.11 Ultimi Miei Sospiri
1.12 Magnificat Secundi Toni, Ultimi Miei Sospiri

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