De-Phazz: Best

De-Phazz: Best
Title: Best
Label: Imports

2008 compilation from the Nu-Jazz band integrating modern turntablism, led by Pit Baumgartner, a German producer who changes his crew for every new album. Some of the more permanent members are Karl Frierson and Pat Appleton. Since the release of Godsdog and Deunized Gravity, De-Phazz have appeared on the radar of listeners of equally innovative and sample-driven jazz by the likes of Amon Tobin and the Cinematic Orchestra. 16 tracks in all.

1.1 The Mambo Craze
1.2 Jazz Music
1.3 Cut the Jazz
1.4 Hero Dead and Gone
1.5 Downtown
1.6 Happiness
1.7 Little Company
1.8 Squeeze the Trigger
1.9 Lullaby
1.10 Godsdog
1.11 Drop Down Low
1.12 Between 2 Thieves
1.13 Good Boy
1.14 Nameless Life
1.15 No Jive
1.16 The Mambo Craze (Ur Craze Remix)

De-Phazz: Best

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