De/Vision: Noob

De/Vision: Noob
Title: Noob
Label: Metropolis Records

De/Vision is a band who requires no introduction to the pop music audience. This electro-pop duo has been among the leading representatives of it's genre for almost twenty years, and has always nonchalantly succeeded in reinventing itself during that time, exploring the limitations of it's full potential and filling the much-abused term of "crossover" with exciting new potential. On NOOB, songs such as "Death Of Me", "What You Deserve", "Flavour Of The Week" and "Love Will Find A Way" shimmer with an with invigorating lightness, while "See What I See" immerses the listener in melancholy dream worlds. Above all this hovers a nostalgic retro feeling that brings to mind the band's musical roots, a time of busy experimentation in the burgeoning electro scene, with artists merging elements of pop, rock, ambient and more into an exciting new sound. "NOOB" finds that De/Vision has once again succeeded in getting to the heart of the songs, in a pleasantly reduced style with modern as well as classical touches. Includes Bonus Tracks

1.1 What You Deserve
1.2 Obsolete
1.3 Nine Lives
1.4 Life Is Suffering
1.5 Death of Me
1.6 Flavour of the Weak
1.7 Deep Blue
1.8 Love Will Find a Way
1.9 See What I See
1.10 Living Fast Dying Young
1.11 The Far Side of the Moon
1.12 What It Feels Like
1.13 The Enemy Inside
1.14 The Far Side of the Moon
1.15 Love Will Find a Way
1.16 Life Is Suffering
1.17 Flavour of the Weak

De/Vision: Noob

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