Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys: Frankenchrist

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Dead Kennedys

Artist: Dead Kennedys
Title: Frankenchrist
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl version of the classic 1985 release from the Dead Kennedys, the antidote to Reaganomics! Take a trip back to the 80s, when the conservative revolution was in full swing, MTV actually played videos, jocks were only starting to invade punk shows and the band was arrested on obscenity charges. Incredible songwriting that still sounds timeless, combined with amazing guitars and production. The real deal.

1.1 Soup Is Good Food
1.2 Hellnation
1.3 This Could Be Anywhere
1.4 Growing Boy Needs His Lunch
1.5 Chicken Farm
1.6 Jock-O-Rama
1.7 Goons of Hazzard
1.8 Mtv-Get Off the Air
1.9 At My Job
1.10 Stars and Stripes of Corruption

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