Deadheads: This Is Deadheads First Album

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Deadheads

Title: This Is Deadheads First Album
Label: Soulfood

Nobody rocks harder then the Swedes at the moment! Enter: The Deadheads. Not a Grateful Dead tribute band (as one could have easily imagined), not even goth rockers (like Beastmilk). Just a mighty fine rock 'n' roll outfit in the tradition of Gluecifer, Turbonegro and the Hellacopters (mixed with a bit of classic rock). Hell, it's really hard to put the Deadheads into a box. "We usually joke around and say we play 'Boogie Punk', but it's okay to call it rock, punk, punk rock, energetic rock, action rock or something else," explains guitarist/singer Manne Olander. "We are inspired by many different kinds of music/bands. Of course, old punk is a big part of it. Bands like New Bomb Turks, Dead Boys, Dead Moon, Radio Birdman, Stooges, GG Allin and Ramones have given us a lot as well as a lot of other different genres."

1.1 Baby Blues
1.2 My Demons
1.3 Freak Out
1.4 Ghost
1.5 Lose My Mind
1.6 Deadheads
1.7 Rock ; Roll
1.8 Venom
1.9 Live on
1.10 Keep on Searching

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