Deadstring Brothers

Deadstring Brothers: Cannery Row

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Product Type: CD

Title: Cannery Row
Label: Bloodshot Records

2013 release from the Alt-Country band. In 2010, the Deadstring Brothers did a reverse of the great Southern Migration, decamping from hometown Detroit and moving to Nashville. And while you can never, ever take all the Detroit out of a Detroiter, Cannery Row has a loose-limbed melancholy reminiscent of the Laurel Canyon folk scene, the outlaw Nashville days and the Upstate NY counterculture spirit of the Band. Like a hitchhiker with a dirty backpack, a well-worn leather hat, a beat up guitar case and a wistful distant smile, the Brothers have piled up stories like the highway miles and created something pretty damn close to that old G. Parsons dream of Cosmic American Music.

1.1 Like a California Wildfire
1.2 It's Morning Irene
1.3 Oh Me Oh My
1.4 Long Lonely Ride
1.5 Cannery Row
1.6 Lucille's Intro
1.7 Lucille's Honky Tonk
1.8 The Mansion
1.9 Just a Deck of Cards
1.10 Talkin' with a Man in Montana
1.11 Song for Bobbie Jo

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