Deaf Kids: Configuracao Do Lamento

Deaf Kids: Configuracao Do Lamento
Title: Configuracao Do Lamento
Label: Neurot Recordings
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Limited ten inch vinyl pressing. 2017 release. Configuração Do Lamento is a sound riot, a trance-inducing cacophony, a body-shaking mix of percussive rhythms and bending guitars. The seventh album by São Paulo, Brazil's Deaf Kids is harmful for the weak-minded. An experimental mile marker on the band's journey, it is as treacherous on the ears as hypnotic to the mind. Expanding the band's D-beat origins, these eight tracks vacillate between demonic fever dreams, orgies of acidic guitars and percussive taunting. Sometimes songs are not songs anymore, but assaults which clatter and hum like rough metallic windchimes in gale force winds.

1.1 Veia Aberta
1.2 Entranhas
1.3 Lmina Cortante
1.4 As Mesmas Ferramentas, Os Mesmos Rituais
1.5 Propagação
1.6 PÉS Atados
1.7 Mordaça
1.8 Distopia Permanente

Deaf Kids: Configuracao Do Lamento

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