Deastro: Moondagger

Deastro: Moondagger
Title: Moondagger
Label: Ghostly Int'l

2009 album from Electronic singer/songwriter Randolph Chabot AKA Deastro. Moondagger expands upon the positive Electro-Pop of Keepers, their home-recorded opus from 2008, with the addition of a full band. Thankfully, the mercurial, prolific Chabot still seems blissfully unaware of his music's genreless-ness. 14 tracks.

1.1 Biophelia
1.2 Parallelogram
1.3 Tone Adventure #3
1.4 Toxic Crusaders
1.5 Greens Grays and Nordics
1.6 Day of Wonder
1.7 Pyramid Builders
1.8 Daniel Johnston Was Stabbed in the Heart with the Moondagger By the King of Darkness and His Ghost Is Writing
1.9 Rivers of Life
1.10 Vermillion Plaza
1.11 Moondagger
1.12 Kurgan Wave Number One
1.13 The Shaded Forests (Gift Giver's Version) (Bonus Track)
1.14 Tree Frog (CD Exclusive Bonus Track)
2.1 [Untitled]
2.2 [Untitled]
2.3 [Untitled]
2.4 [Untitled]
2.5 [Untitled]
2.6 [Untitled]
2.7 [Untitled]
2.8 [Untitled]
2.9 [Untitled]
2.10 [Untitled]

Deastro: Moondagger

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