Death by Unga Bunga

Death by Unga Bunga: Heavy Male Insecurity

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Product Type: CD

Title: Heavy Male Insecurity
Label: Jansen Records

The five rockers from Moss, Norway, known for exceptional crowd control, impeccable guitar skills, immaculate pizza-eating and flawless music have readied another assault on your eardrums. As Punknews put it: "Hard rock and garage rock smashing into each other and creating surprisingly sunny sounding riffage." Having dominated the rock scene for a decade with machismo, swagger and loud guitars, one would think that Death by Unga Bunga were accomplished tough guys and Casanovas, but underneath the extremely tough and badass exterior there is a group of five insecure boys. And what they want to communicate to you is: "There's a place for every misfit in this stupid world even though it might not always seem that way. You're more than welcome to hang with us! "

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