Death Hymn Number 9

Death Hymn Number 9: 3rd Degree Moon Burns

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Artist: Death Hymn Number 9
Title: 3rd Degree Moon Burns
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. The spasmodic, bluesy 3rd Degree Moon Burns surges so hard, the needle jumps out of the grooves. These undead rockers have honed their murderous rumpus into a mania that is impossible to ignore. Imagine the Cramps wrestling Doo Rag in an electric-fence cage-match at the tail-end of a month-long crystal meth binge. Ghastly and urgent, Death Hymn Number 9 sizzles with power while never abandoning their ghoulish garage roots, delivering a din so pure rock 'n' roll, it's dangerous. A no-hold's-barred, tumbling mania bubbling into a perfect cacophony, 3rd Degree Moon Burn has a biting sound that is refreshingly frightening and original.

1.1 Binary Baby
1.2 Mussolini
1.3 I Reckon You Gonna Die
1.4 3rd Degree Moon Burns
1.5 I Have Been Snookumed
1.6 Swamp Dellars
1.7 Gospel
1.8 Honey Pie
1.9 Grambo ; Ginger
1.10 Hogs Turds
1.11 Horvous Breakdown
1.12 Trainyard Boogie
1.13 Bad Man

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