Debauchery: Blood For The Blood God

Debauchery: Blood For The Blood God
Title: Blood For The Blood God
Label: Massacre

Debauchery are celebrating the 15th anniversary of "Blood For The Blood God" with a compilation that showcases songs from the band's history so far! You can look forward to more than 3,5 hours of Debauchery galore - and vinyl fans will get their fix too and can look forward to a total playing time of almost 1,5 hours.

1.1 Beasts of Balgeroth
1.2 Demonslayer
1.3 Butchermanironclad Declaration of War
1.4 Slaughter the Devil
1.5 Gorezilla
1.6 Praise the Blood God
1.7 Torture Pit
1.8 Murdermaker
1.9 German Warmachine
1.10 Warmachines at War
1.11 Man in Blood
1.12 Enemy of Mankind
1.13 City of Bones
1.14 Let There Be Blood
1.15 The Unbroken
1.16 Beyond the Eternity Gate
1.17 Blood for the Blood God (Re-Recorded)
2.1 There Is Only War (Remix 2019)
2.2 Blood God Rising
2.3 Blood God Kills
2.4 Heavy Metal Monsternaut
2.5 Masters of the Killing Art
2.6 Slaughtercult of Carnagers
2.7 Killerbeast
2.8 Animal Holocaust
2.9 Back in Blood
2.10 Butcher of Bitches
2.11 Blowjob Barbie
2.12 Defenders of the Throne of Fire
2.13 Death Metal Warmachine
2.14 Lords of Battle
2.15 Warfare (Feat. Schmier)
2.16 Zombie Blitzkrieg
2.17 Metal on Metal
2.18 Kings of Carnage
2.19 Bloodcrushing Heavy Metal
3.1 Slaughterman
3.2 Kill Maim Burn (Re-Recorded)
3.3 Devourer of Worlds
3.4 Hordes of Chaos
3.5 Chainsaw Masturbation
3.6 The Fifth Battle
3.7 Wargrinder
3.8 Slaves to Darkness
3.9 Armies of Immortals
3.10 Continue to Kill
3.11 Wolves of the North
3.12 Honour and Courage
3.13 King of Killing
3.14 Blood for the Blood God (Pussy Version)
3.15 Take My Pain
3.16 To Hell
3.17 Rocker
3.18 Walking Glory Roads

Debauchery: Blood For The Blood God

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