Debbie Wiseman

Debbie Wiseman: Music of Kings & Queens

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Debbie Wiseman

Title: Music of Kings & Queens
Label: Decca

2021 release. Releasing in celebration of the Queen's 95th Birthday! Through the music of Debbie Wiseman and the spoken word of Helen Mirren and Damian Lewis, the album tells the story of the making of the United Kingdom through 12 of our past monarchs. "We may not remember most of our prime ministers, politicians, military, or even ground-breaking scientists but we will have a good grasp of our kings and queens who have shaped our nation. This is their story and their legacy." - Helen Mirren

1.1 Elizabeth II Fanfare (Music)
1.2 Introduction By Helen Mirren
1.3 William I Introduction By Damian Lewis
1.4 William I (Music)
1.5 Richard I Introduction By Helen Mirren
1.6 Richard I (Music)
1.7 Henry VIII Introduction By Damian Lewis
1.8 Henry VIII (Music)
1.9 Elizabeth I Introduction By Helen Mirren
1.10 Elizabeth I (Music)
1.11 Charles II Introduction By Damian Lewis
1.12 Charles II (Music)
1.13 Anne Introduction By Helen Mirren
1.14 Anne (Music)
1.15 George II Introduction By Damian Lewis
1.16 George II (Music) Inspired By Handel's Zadok the Priest
1.17 George III Introduction By Damian Lewis
1.18 George III (Music)
1.19 Victoria Introduction By Helen Mirren
1.20 Victoria (Music)
1.21 Edward VII -Introduction By Helen Mirren
1.22 Edward VII (Music)
1.23 George VI Introduction By Damian Lewis
1.24 George VI (Music)
1.25 Elizabeth II Introduction By Dame Helen Mirren and Damian Lewis
1.26 Elizabeth II (Music)

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