Debussy / Richter

Debussy / Richter: Liryske Stykker / Six Preludes

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Product Type: CD

Title: Liryske Stykker / Six Preludes
Label: Stradivarius

It is impossible to talk about Sviatoslav Richter and his mastery of the piano in normal terms of speech. Each time an article on him comes out, it is liberally dotted with superlatives, reminiscent of an ecclesiastical way of speech fathered by the church and which now seems to be going out of fashion. Both critics and concert-goers associate Richter's name with expressions of wonder and enthusiasm. It would therefore seem that Richter appeals to the soul of his listeners rather than to their intellect. The present release features Grieg's Lyryske Stikke and Debussy's Six preludes, recorded live in Athens, Kozani, and Cosenza

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