Deepakalypse: Floating On A Sphere

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Deepakalypse

Artist: Deepakalypse
Title: Floating On A Sphere
Product Type: VINYL LP

Meet Deepakalypse. A forward thinking, inward looking, biofueled songwriting autodidact. He's wandered across America, guitar in hand, doing everything from veggie oil conversions on vintage Mercedes diesel engines to fabrication of large scale art installations and lived to write about it. Floating On A Sphere, his first with Everloving, compiles work from previously self-released material that rides the rails between lo fi acoustic punk and agit folk a-la Jonathan Richman or Billy Bragg. Deepakalypse takes an honest approach to songwriting that's influence is obliquely rooted in the American experience.

1.1 A to B
1.2 Drummers
1.3 Caught
1.4 Floating on a Sphere
1.5 Driftin
1.6 Fall on in
1.7 Dim Sum
1.8 Radio Transmitter
1.9 Floating
1.10 Last Call

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