Defunkt: Channel Zero

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Defunkt

Artist: Defunkt
Title: Channel Zero

If you think this doesn't fit on the ESP-Disk' roster, presumably you've overlooked the funky party music of Don Moore (ESP 2016-2) and Woodstock Workband (ESP 2010-2) and/or you've never seen Defunkt rip it up in concert. Every member applies jazz chops, rock energy, avant-garde risk-taking, and punk disregard for rules to the task of pushing killer tunes into new territory. The band has had more than a few lineups, but in the late 2000s it coalesced around a reunion of one of it's classic configurations and hit the road. This set captures a 2009 club date in Germany and throws in a particularly hot passage salvaged from another club on another night as a bonus track. Joseph Bowie, vocals, trombone; John Mulkerin, trumpet; Bill Bickford and Ronny Drayton, guitars; Kim Clarke, bass; Kenny Martin, drums.

1.1 In the Good Times
1.2 Make Them Dance
1.3 Love You from Afar
1.4 Ooh Baby
1.5 The Eternal Triangle
1.6 Defunkt
1.7 Refuse to Love
1.8 You Don't Know - Nasty Excerpt

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