Deity Guns

Deity Guns: Trans Lines Appointment

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Deity Guns

Title: Trans Lines Appointment
Label: Ici D'ailleurs
Product Type: VINYL LP

Ici D'ailleurs present a reissue of Deity Guns' Trans Lines Appointment, originally released in 1993 on Big Cat. First Deity Guns, then Bästard, and currently Zëro - the name doesn't really matter, all of Eric Aldéa's projects had an important role among the French no-wave, avant-rock, underground music. Ici D'Ailleurs go back to the '90s with two Aldéa related reissues with Deity Guns' Trans Lines Appointment, presented here, and Bästard's 1996 Radiant, Discharged, Crossed-Off (IDA 004LP). Two essential pieces of music that can be considered as pioneer albums of the "post", "indie", "noise", "math" rock scene. Includes download card.

1.1 The Map
1.2 T.V. Black Screen
1.3 Bob
1.4 Distance
1.5 Billy Dracks
2.1 Cruising Coast Shadows
2.2 Tinnitus
2.3 Radio Kill
2.4 Desert

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