Del McCoury Band

Del McCoury Band: Streets of Baltimore

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Artist: Del McCoury Band
Title: Streets of Baltimore

Almost sixty years after Del McCoury got his start playing in Baltimore, he is still putting on tremendous live shows and singing as well as he ever has. The Streets of Baltimore captures this sixty years of pouring his heart into his music. Like a fine wine, Del McCoury just keeps getting better with age. Del hosts his own radio show, Blue Side of Town, syndicated via Airplay Direct and currently airing in over fifty markets.

1.1 Blues Rollin' in
1.2 Big Blue Raindrops
1.3 Amnesia
1.4 Butler Brothers
1.5 Misty
1.6 I Need More Time
1.7 Free Salvation
1.8 I Wanna Go Where You Go
1.9 I'd Love to Do Some Living
1.10 Streets of Baltimore
1.11 Once More with Feeling
1.12 Too Many Rivers
1.13 Only You

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