Delbert Barker: Kentucky Hillbilly Rockabilly Man

Delbert Barker: Kentucky Hillbilly Rockabilly Man
Title: Kentucky Hillbilly Rockabilly Man
Label: Ace Records UK

This is quite an unusual release in that Delbert Barker was mainly a cover artist. Most cover albums of the 50s were quite poor and were released on inferior vinyl pressings through Mom & Pop stores, garages and supermarkets. Delbert Barker was an exception - he had a fine voice and his records sounded good. Originally from Kentucky, he recorded a huge number of country covers, especially Hank Williams songs. By 1956 Delbert was recording straight rockabilly, trying to catch a bit of the action generated by Carl Perkins. Tracks:1. NO GOOD - ROBIN HOOD2. NO HELP WANTED3. BLUE SUEDE SHOES4. NO I DON'T BELIEVE I WILL5. GOOSE BUMPS6. HEARTBREAK HOTEL7. SO DOGGONE LONESOME8. WILD HEART9. BLACKBERRY BOOGIE10. I JUST DON'T LIKE THIS KIND OF LIVING11. LOVE LOVE LOVE12. JUG BAND JUMP13. WHY BABY WHY14. IT'S a GREAT LIFE15. THERE MUST BE a WAY16. HEARTS OF STONE17. I CAN'T GET YOU OFF MY MIND18. HOW ABOUT a HANDOUT19. GLAD RAGS20. YOU'RE GONNA CHANGE21. THAT'S a SIN22. BROKEN HEART23. HEY JOE24. YOU BETTER KEEP IT ON YOUR MIND25. I'm a LONG GONE DADDY26. IT'S BEEN SO LONG DARLIN'27. BIMBO28. LONG GONE LONESOME 29. LOST HIGHWAY30. JAMBALAYA31. MOVE IT ON OVER32. I DON'T CARE33. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS34. NOBODY'S LONESOME FOR ME.

1.1 No Good - Robin Hood
1.2 No Help Wanted
1.3 Blue Suede Shoes
1.4 No I Don't Believe I Will
1.5 Goose Bumps
1.6 Heartbreak Hotel
1.7 So Doggone Lonesome
1.8 Wild Heart
1.9 Blackberry Boogie
1.10 I Just Don't Like This Kind of Living
1.11 Love Love Love
1.12 Jug Band Jump
1.13 Why Baby Why
1.14 It's a Great Life
1.15 There Must Be a Way
1.16 Hearts of Stone
1.17 I Can't Get You Off My Mind
1.18 How About a Handout
1.19 Glad Rags
1.20 You're Gonna Change
1.21 That's a Sin
1.22 Broken Heart
1.23 Hey Joe
1.24 You Better Keep It on Your Mind
1.25 I'm a Long Gone Daddy
1.26 It's Been So Long Darlin'
1.27 Bimbo
1.28 Long Gone Lonesome Blues
1.29 Lost Highway
1.30 Jambalaya
1.31 Move It on Over
1.32 I Don't Care
1.33 Mind Your Own Business
1.34 Nobody's Lonesome for Me

Delbert Barker: Kentucky Hillbilly Rockabilly Man

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