Delphine Tsinajinnie

Delphine Tsinajinnie: Mother's Word

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Artist: Delphine Tsinajinnie
Title: Mother's Word

Delphine Tsinajinne (pronounced "sin-a-jin-ee") is a descendant of traditional Blessingway and Nightway medicinemen of the Nihookaa Dine (People of the Earth). Her soulful performances of these traditional and original songs reflects the heritage and riches of her people and their continued reverence of their ancient ways. Delphine, who performs throughout Arizona and New Mexico, brings a fresh voice to this recording which includes songs for corn grinding, gourd dances, feather dances, shoe games and lullabies. Mother's Word is a modern rendition the musical traditions of the Navajo.

1.1 Beautyway
1.2 Cheii Littleben's Line Dance Song
1.3 Sacred Beauty
1.4 Corngrinding Songs
1.5 A Soldier's Birthday Song
1.6 Basket Dance Song
1.7 Suen's Work Song
1.8 Tapestry of Generations
1.9 Butterfly Lullaby
1.10 Feather Dance Song
1.11 Natay's Two-Step
1.12 Gourd Dance I
1.13 Gourd Dance II
1.14 Shoe Game Song
1.15 Grandmother's Lamb
1.16 Bluebird Song
1.17 First Voice
1.18 Sandoval's Jig

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