Demon: Unexpected Guest

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Artist: Demon

Artist: Demon
Title: Unexpected Guest
Product Type: VINYL LP


1.1 Intro: An Observation
1.2 Don't Break the Circle
1.3 Spell
1.4 Total Posession
1.5 Sign of a Madman
1.6 Victim of Fortune
1.7 Have We Been Here Before?
1.8 Strange Institution
1.9 Grand Illusion
1.10 Beyond the Gates
1.11 Deliver Us from Evil
1.12 Outro
2.1 Don't Break the Circle [1988 Remix]
2.2 Have We Been Here Before? [Outtake] [Take]
2.3 Victim of Fortune [Outtake] [Take]
2.4 Strange Institution [Outtake Remix] [Take]

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