Demonical: World Domination

Demonical: World Domination
Title: World Domination
Label: Agonia Records

"World Domination" is a gateway to old and new Demonical. The band's sixth album marks the debut for vocalist Christofer Sätderdal and the return for original drummer Ronnie Bergerstål (2006-2011, 2019-present). There are no major changes to the band's proven formula of brutal, melodic and insolently Swedish death metal. "World Domination" picks up where 2018's "Chaos Manifesto" left off, with a touch of extra dynamics and vibrancy that enrich the band's sound.

1.1 My Kingdom Done
1.2 Hellfire Rain
1.3 Aeons of Death
1.4 The Thin Darkness
1.5 We Stand As One
1.6 Victorious
1.7 Slipping Apart
1.8 Calescent Punishment

Demonical: World Domination

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