Derek Baron

Derek Baron: Crooked Dances

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Derek Baron

Artist: Derek Baron
Title: Crooked Dances
Product Type: VINYL LP

Penultimate Press is proud to present the debut vinyl release from Derek Baron. From Chicago, Illinois, now residing in Queens, New York, Baron's work muses on the interior and exterior via explorations of history, memory, listening, domestic ambience and the collective understanding of sound as amorphous matter. Crooked Dances presents a series of Erik Satie's piano works as played in a shared flat with various interruptions by those who also contribute to the electricity, water and internet bills. Limited to 300 copies. Crooked Dances comes in a high gloss sleeve designed by Maja Larson with bland photographs supplied by Baron. This is a melancholic, playful journey rooted firmly in the real.

1.1 Counterfeiters of All Types
1.2 Better
1.3 Again
2.1 Gothic Dances
2.2 Curtain
2.3 Don't Go Out

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