Derek Lamb

Derek Lamb: She Was Poor But She Was Honest

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Derek Lamb

Title: She Was Poor But She Was Honest
Label: Folkways Records

1.1 She Was Poor But She Was Honest
1.2 The Money Rolls in (A Pub Song)
1.3 Pickled Onions / Don't Cry Daddy / the Winkle Song (Medley)
1.4 Roll-Tiddly-Ole
1.5 Pretty Polly Perkins of Paddington Green
1.6 Botany Bay
1.7 The Hole in the Elephants Bottom
1.8 The Landlady's Daughter / Slap Dab / Nine Inch Nails / My Daughter's Wedding Day / the Poor Young Girl (Medley)
1.9 Villikins and His Dinah
1.10 Sweeny Todd the Barber
1.11 Barsted King of England
1.12 The Old Baby Farmer
1.13 I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard / They're Moving Grandpa's Grave to Build a Sewer / Thirty Years Ago Today / Two Lovely Black Eyes (Medley)
1.14 Do It No More
1.15 The End of My Old Cigar
1.16 The Little Shirt My Mother Made for Me
1.17 My Ma's a Millionaire / Wise Men Say / You Are a Marvel / Any Old Iron / Henry the VIII I Am (Medley)
1.18 The Miner's Dream of Home

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