Descendents: Everything Sucks

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Descendents

Title: Everything Sucks
Label: Epitaph

Well, I guess these guys wouldn't feel comfortable in a positive thinking seminar. This group is one of the most influential punk bands ever: "The band that put the 'pop' in 'pop punk'," "the band that made Green Day possible," etc. This album continues the regrouping of the band with original lead singer Milo and picks up where their classic record Milo Goes to College left off. Their last effort, Somery, has soundscanned 55,000 units. Mixed by Andy Wallace (Rage Against the Machine, Rancid, Nirvana, Screaming Trees), this release includes "Everything Sux" and "This Place Sux" (wouldn't "this place" be considered part of "everything?").

1.1 Everything Sux
1.2 I'm the One
1.3 Coffee Mug
1.4 Rotting Out
1.5 Sick-O-Me
1.6 Caught
1.7 When I Get Old
1.8 Doghouse
1.9 She Loves Me
1.10 Hateful Notebook
1.11 We
1.12 Eunuch Boy
1.13 This Place
1.14 I Won't Let Me
1.15 Thank You

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