Desiderii Marginis

Desiderii Marginis: Vita Arkivet

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Desiderii Marginis
Title: Vita Arkivet

Long awaited new material by one of Sweden's most revered Dark Ambient acts. "Vita Arkivet" translates from Swedish as "The White Archive" and is an official document detailing ones funeral arrangements. In death our existence is whitewashed, the slate wiped clean. We start all over and we bring nothing with us were we go. We lose the agency of our own memory and leave it for those left behind to attend to, to continue our story, to write our eulogy. Vita is also the latin word for Life, so the meaning could also be "The Life Archive". White is the colour of the casket lining, the plaster death masks and the walls of the chapel, it is the colour of the first and last pages. What is kept in between the covers of our life archives? This record is a personal reflection and manifestation of that process, the loss and the great detachment from life, from others, and from ourselves.

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