Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra

Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra: If Light Can't Save Us I Know

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Product Type: CD

Title: If Light Can't Save Us I Know
Label: Sound Pollution

Swedish rockers Dexter Jones´Circus Orchestra, soon celebrating 10 years together, have been working hard the last couple of years. With numerous tours in Europe several trips to USA the band have gained a reputation, beyond the underground circuit of heavy rock, as a high-class retro-rock outfit with great potential. The previous release, "Side by Side"(Fuzzorama Records 2007) showcased the elegance of Tia Marklunds songwriting, keeping the songs and the production simple and honest. Comparisons have been made to everything from "ZZ Top" to "Blue Oyster Cult" to "Kings of Leon".

1.1 If Bars Could Bend (2,29)
1.2 I'm a Dog But You're a Hound (4,17)
1.3 The Silence Is Far Too Loud (5,11)
1.4 The Monster By Your Side (5,34)
1.5 It's Not Safe (3,21)
1.6 Little Man (5,51)
1.7 Free Enterprise (3,22)
1.8 Both of Us (4,07)
1.9 Left to Abide (3,43)
1.10 Mentally Insane (3,59)
1.11 Sad World (4,17)

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