Dexys Midnight Runners

Dexys Midnight Runners: Dexys : Nowhere Is Home

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Artist: Dexys Midnight Runners
Title: Dexys : Nowhere Is Home
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited quadruple 180gm vinyl set containing the recording of the Duke of York's Theatre live performance. NOWHERE IS HOME is a 2014 film about Dexys and their recent live shows. It is directed by recent BAFTA winner Kieran Evans and Paul Kelly. The film documents Dexys celebrated residency at the Duke of York's Theatre in London last spring. NOWHERE IS HOME captures songs from those theatrical shows with a striking visual style and a real sensitivity to the performances onstage, along with candid interviews with band members.

1.1 Now
1.2 I'm Always Going to Love You
1.3 Lost
1.4 Incapable of Love
1.5 Me
1.6 Nowhere Is Home
1.7 She Got a Wiggle
1.8 Free L
1.9 You
1.10 It's Ok John Joe
1.11 I'm Thinking of You
1.12 The Waltz
1.13 Liars a to E
1.14 Geno
1.15 Old
1.16 Listen to This
1.17 This Is What She's Like
1.18 Until I Believe in My Soul
1.19 Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
1.20 Until I Believe in My Soul Part 2

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