Dexys: One Day I'm Going to Soar

Dexys: One Day I&
Title: One Day I'm Going to Soar
Label: Slimstyle Records

U.S. pressing. 2012 album from Kevin Rowland and Dexys Midnight Runners, now simply known as Dexys, their first new studio album in 26 years. Twenty-six years is a long time in the music industry; in that time we've seen the rise and fall of Grunge, watched in horror as boy-bands took over the world and are currently in the grip of a pop industry determined largely by talent contests. Back when pop music was written for quality and quantity consumption, rather than just quantity, bands like Dexy's Midnight Runners reigned supreme with their optimistic lyrics and foot-tapping hooks. The 26 year hiatus is finally over, with ex-stalwarts Kevin Rowland, Mick Talbot, Pete Williams and Jim Paterson all returning to the studio for One Day I'm Going to Soar. Under the guise of Dexys (no longer Midnight Runners), Rowland and co sound as in tune with one another as they did all those years ago, drawing folk, R&B and traditional pop influences from across the musical spectrum.

1.1 Now
1.2 Lost
1.3 Me
1.4 She Got a Wiggle
1.5 You
1.6 I'm Thinking of You
1.7 I'm Always Going to Love You
1.8 Incapable of Love
1.9 Nowhere Is Home
1.10 Free
1.11 It's O.K. John Joe

Dexys: One Day I'm Going to Soar

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