Diabulus in Musica: Euphonic Entropy

Diabulus in Musica: Euphonic Entropy
Title: Euphonic Entropy
Label: Napalm

Sometimes life itself can be the most beautiful inspiration for an artist. Diabulus in Musica singer Zuberoa Aznárez and her husband, keyboardist Gorka Elso, decided to fill their new album Euphonic Entropy with all the wonderful, yet chaotic emotions a new life brings. Diabulus in Musica's fifth and fully self-produced album mirrors the changes and blossoming beauty in the lives of the two band leaders after the birth of their second child and melts everything into thunderous and highly passionate symphonic metal. The album is bursting with power ballads, beautiful melodies and emotions. Songs like the infectious and ultra-melodic "Otoi" (featuring lyrics in Basque language) bewitch the listener's senses. The intoxicating "Misfits Swing" and the harmonic, soaring "One Step Higher" ensure a multi-faceted and thrilling adventure!

1.1 A Lucid Chaos
1.2 Race to Equilibrium
1.3 Nuevo Rumbo
1.4 The Misfit's Swing
1.5 In Quest of Sense
1.6 Otoi
1.7 Blurred Dreams
1.8 On the Edge
1.9 Our Last Gloomy Dance
1.10 One Step Higher
1.11 Blind Muse
1.12 In the Vortex

Diabulus in Musica: Euphonic Entropy

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