Diabulus in Musica

Diabulus in Musica: The Wanderer

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Product Type: CD

Title: The Wanderer
Label: Napalm

With their 2012 album, the Spanish quintet proves that impressive gothic metal need not hail from Scandinavia. The musicians revolving around vocalist Zuberoa Aznárez have refined the trademark sound first heard on their debut album, Secrets, and brought the Wanderer to a whole new level. This desirable concoction becomes most apparent on tracks such as "Blazing a Trail," "Hidden Reality," and "Sentenced to Life."

1.1 A Journey's End (Intro)
1.2 Ex Nihilio
1.3 Sceneries of Hope
1.4 Blazing a Trail
1.5 Call from a Rising Memory (Intro)
1.6 Hidden Reality
1.7 Shadow of the Throne
1.8 Allegory of Faith, Innocence and Future
1.9 Sentenced to Life
1.10 Ohiuka Bihotzetik
1.11 No Time for Repentance (Lamentatio)
1.12 The Wanderer

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