Diagnos: Diagnos

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Diagnos

Title: Diagnos
Label: Control Freak Kitten
Product Type: VINYL LP

Diagnos was founded by Stockholm based artists Marcus Harrling and Per Nyström who have long-time backgrounds in the Swedish independent music scene, working with The Concretes, Monster, Mackaper, and Sons Of Cyrus, amongst others. Harrling first approached Nyström with the idea of Diagnos as a project to develop soundtracks to Super 8 travel films he had shot. The two then began to improvise further, with film and literature inspirations in the foreground and their music. The result is an emotive record, varying between instrumental and vocal numbers, poetic, drone-y, and folky. Diagnos ranges anywhere from early Sonic Youth in texture and delivery, to '70s Swedish prog in the vein of Arbete Och Fritid. Other times, you'll be hypnotized by the minimalist worlds inspired by Terry Riley and Philip Glass, as repetition and monotony are key elements in their music, being employed through loops of guitar, keyboard, and vintage drum machines.

1.1 Reflections
1.2 Be Good
1.3 Summer
1.4 Estragon
1.5 Fading Light
1.6 Blood in Sand
1.7 Sweetheart
1.8 Walking Down
1.9 When the Sun Comes Up

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