Diamond Ortiz

Diamond Ortiz: Poster Girl / In The Cut Like Whaat

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Diamond Ortiz

Title: Poster Girl / In The Cut Like Whaat
Label: Needle to the Groove
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

In 2016, Diamond Ortiz released a long play cassette titled "Special Request" on MoFunk Records. It was never released on CD or vinyl and after a few years worth of inquiries NTTG is proud to offer the uptempo modern funk slapper "Poster Girl" on limited 7". The flip side features "In the Cut Like Whaat" off of his debut full length LP Loveline. Diamond Ortiz is a relevant torchbearer for a new generation of electronic funk, synth-funk, boogie, hip-hop, G-funk, and R&B. He performs regularly throughout California and neighboring states and is currently working on his sophomore LP scheduled to be released on NTTG Records. With an expanding catalog, tireless songwriting, and the ability to write and perform all of his own music, Ortiz is poised to be an intersection between classic funk and it's many future directions.

1.1 Poster Girl
1.2 In the Cut Like Whaat

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