Diana Dors

Diana Dors: Swinging Dors: Expanded Edition

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Artist: Diana Dors

Artist: Diana Dors
Title: Swinging Dors: Expanded Edition

Blonde Bombshell DIANA DORS is one of a handful of big-name, bill-topping "Hollywood Golden Era" actresses who were greatly underrated as singers, and as a result made very few records. Consequently her recorded legacy is minimal, running to little more than the sides gathered together on this set. This compilation is built around her highly-regarded LP "Swinging Dors", recorded for Pye Records in 1960, which has become a collectors' item over the ensuing years. Also included is another serious collectors' rarity, an earlier 78rpm single, 'I Feel So Mmm... ' / 'A Kiss And A Cuddle', from 1953, alongside a track from a 1955 musical comedy, and five live performances from 1950s U. S. television shows. A special "bonus track" features the soundbed to a short 1956 television interview with Bob Hope, on American TV. This is a wholly unique compilation as this body of work has never been thus collated before, while the live TV performances have never previously appeared on CD.

1.1 The Point Of No Return
1.2 That’s How It Is
1.3 Let There Be Love
1.4 Namely You
1.5 Imagination
1.6 Roller Coaster Blues
1.7 The Gentleman Is A Dope
1.8 April Heart
1.9 In Love For The Very First Time
1.10 Crazy He Calls Me
1.11 Come By Sunday
1.12 Tired Of Love
1.13 I Feel So Mmm......
1.14 A Kiss And A Cuddle
1.15 Hokey-Pokey Polka (With Jack Buchanan)
1.16 Thanks A Lot, But No Thanks
1.17 Hooray For Love
1.18 It Was Just One Of Those Things
1.19 How Long Has This Been Going On
1.20 It Was Just One Of Those Things Reprise (With Scott Brady)
1.21 Brief Television Interview The Bob Hope Show

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