Dibiase: Bonus Levels

$25.78 $29.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Dibiase

Title: Bonus Levels
Label: 10 Thirty
Product Type: VINYL LP

DIBIA$E returns, this time with his signature 8-bit sound. Bonus Levels is everything you would expect from this LA beat scene veteran. A nod to video game culture, Bonus Levels brings back memories of endless hours of gaming and takes us to a place of Lo-Fi nostalgia. DIBIA$E dices up vintage NES, Super NES and Sega video game samples, layering them with slumped out, off-the-grid drum programming, arpeggiated synths, pixilated sounds and filthy bass lines. Sprinkled with elements of house and footwork, plus a couple of remixes from favorites, Elaquent and 14KT, Bonus Levels is destined to be an instant 8-bit classic.

1.1 King Bowser
1.2 Link Up
1.3 Castle Lair
1.4 Tornado Spinkicks
1.5 Vorhees
1.6 Movin Blocks
1.7 Ninja Starz
1.8 Piston Honda
1.9 Jungle Stage
1.10 Last Wave
1.11 Dragon Knucklez
1.12 Quick Escape
1.13 Clockworks
1.14 Castlevania (14KT Remix)
1.15 Smack Fire
1.16 Power Up
1.17 Metroid (Elaquent Remix)
1.18 Wizard Spells
1.19 Mushroom 1 Ups
1.20 Game Over
1.21 Blaster Master

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