Dickie Valentine

Dickie Valentine: Complete 50's Singles

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Artist: Dickie Valentine
Title: Complete 50's Singles

2010 three CD collection. Back in the 1950s, before Rock 'n' Roll changed the face of Pop forever, a handsome British crooner had an adoring army of female fans swooning as their romantic hero. He was, appropriately, called Dickie Valentine, and for most of that momentous decade, his popularity saw him topping the charts as well as the bills of variety shows around the country, and he was regularly voted Britain's favorite male vocalist. This collection brings together every single he released during the '50s, plus the bonus of his original 1949 recording with Ted Heath not released until the '80s. It will be an essential collector's item for anyone who was an avid fan of Dickie's work, especially since some of the tracks are appearing on CD for the first time. 81 tracks. Acrobat.

1.1 That Lovely Weekend
1.2 Mona Lisa
1.3 Never
1.4 Lorelei
1.5 Raindrops (With the Johnston Brothers)
1.6 The Homing Waltz
1.7 Broken Wings
1.8 You Belong to Me
1.9 Mademoiselle
1.10 All the Time and Everywhere
1.11 Why Should I Go Home
1.12 Fickle Fingers
1.13 La Rosita
1.14 The Windsor Waltz
1.15 In a Golden Coach
1.16 I See You Again Every Night
1.17 Don't Leave Me Now
1.18 Guessing
1.19 When I Was Young
1.20 Mother Nature and Father Time
1.21 Many Times
1.22 Te Amo
1.23 My Arms, My Heart, My Love
1.24 I Know You're Mine (With the Johnston Singers)
1.25 Cleo and Me-O (With Joan Regan)
1.26 Pine Tree Pine Over Me (With Joan Regan)
1.27 Endless
1.28 I Could Have Told You
1.29 Get Well Soon
1.30 It's My Life
1.31 The Finger of Suspicion
1.32 Who's Afraid (Not I, Not I, Not I)
1.33 Mister Sandman
1.34 Runaround
1.35 A Blossom Fell
1.36 I Want You All to Myself
1.37 Ma Chere Anie
1.38 Lucky Waltz
1.39 I Wonder
1.40 You Too Can Be a Dreamer
1.41 Hello Mrs. Jones (Is Mary There?)
1.42 Lazy Gondolier
1.43 No Such Luck
1.44 The Engagement Waltz
1.45 Christmas Alphabet
1.46 Where Are You Tonight?
1.47 The Old Pi-Anna Rag
1.48 First Love
1.49 Dreams Can Tell a Lie
1.50 Song of the Trees
1.51 The Best Way to Hold a Girl
1.52 The Voice
1.53 All-Star Hit Parade: Medley
1.54 My Impossible Castle
1.55 When You Came Along
1.56 Day Dreams
1.57 Give Me a Carriage with Eight White Horses
1.58 Christmas Island
1.59 The Hand of Friendship
1.60 Dickie Valentines Rock and Roll Party Medley
1.61 Chapel of the Roses
1.62 My Empty Arms
1.63 Puttin on the Style
1.64 Three Sides to Every Story
1.65 Long Before I Knew You
1.66 Just in Time
1.67 Snowbound for Christmas
1.68 Convicted
1.69 King of Dixieland
1.70 Love Me Again
1.71 In My Life
1.72 Come to My Arms
1.73 Take Me in Your Arms
1.74 An Old Fashioned Song
1.75 Venus
1.76 Where? (In the Old Home Town)
1.77 A Teenager in Love
1.78 My Favourite Song
1.79 One More Sunrise (Morgen)
3.25 You Touch My Hand
1.81 You Touch My Hand

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