Dido: Still On My Mind

Dido: Still On My Mind
Title: Still On My Mind
Label: BMG Rights Managemen

Deluxe edition. Still On My Mind encapsulates a variety of styles and genres, ranging from her love of hip hop to her folk roots, but ultimately the entire record carries a dance and electronic music sensibility, even on the tracks with no beats. At the core, it's about the songs which capture the beautiful essence of Dido personally and emotionally. The first taste of the album is the glorious "Hurricanes." From the first few notes of this powerful track, Dido's voice has never sounded bigger and better, making you realize how much we've missed that sound.

1.1 Hurricanes
1.2 Give You Up
1.3 Hell After This
1.4 You Don't Need a God
1.5 Take You Home
1.6 Some Kind of Love
1.7 Still on My Mind
1.8 Mad Love
1.9 Walking By
1.10 Friends
1.11 Chances
1.12 Have to Stay
2.1 Just Because
2.2 This Is Love
2.3 What Am I Doing Here
2.4 Hurricanes (Live Acoustic)
2.5 Thank You (Live Acoustic)
2.6 White Flag (Live Acoustic)
2.7 Give You Up (Mark Knight Remix)
2.8 Take You Home (Undercatt Remix)

Dido: Still On My Mind

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