Dira: Something About the Girl

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Artist: Dira

Artist: Dira
Title: Something About the Girl

2010 release from the Indonesian vocalist. Dira J Sugandi made big headline when she performed with Jason Maraz at the Java Jazz Festival 2009. Something About the Girl, her debut album, was written and produced by Bluey with members of Soul/Jazz outfit Incognito featuring British Soul star Omar. 11 songs with a stylish R&B/Acid Jazz/soulful House and Bossa blend.

1.1 Inside Out
1.2 Time Out of Time
1.3 Let's Go Back
1.4 Ger Through to You
1.5 Loving a Stranger
1.6 Daydream
1.7 Essentially Yours
1.8 Bring It on
1.9 Hand on Your Heart
1.10 Won't You Come with Me
1.11 No More Tears

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