Diverse: Karl Richter Edition

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Artist: Diverse

Artist: Diverse
Title: Karl Richter Edition

Although the interpretations of Karl Richter can scarcely claim to be musicological validity according to the standards of today's so-called "historical performance practices", there are still numerous enthusiastic followers of this ingenious Kapellmeister, the generations of music lovers above all with his interpretations of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Händel and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Richter gave these pieces an unrivaled warmth, a loving touch and a grace, which one often has to look for in the old-music scene of today, often with the magnifying glass. This enormous set features Karl Richter conducting the most famous works by these most famous of composers, including Bach's St. Matthews Passion, Goldberg Variations, and Partitas, Handel's Organ Concertos, Mozart's Flute Concertos, and more.

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