DJ Bob Leparisien

DJ Bob Leparisien: Filtered Funky French House Muzik

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Product Type: CD

Title: Filtered Funky French House Muzik
Label: Essential Media Mod

Straight from the south of France comes spinmeister DJ Bob Leparisien, bringing with him a new style of funky French house music. From sessions helmed by noted producer/remixer Christian Dio, Monsieur LeParisien will get you movin' and groovin' with this stellar fifteen-track debut that will propel you on frenzied sonic journey through the clubs of Paris and the beaches of Cannes.

1.1 Le Bass
1.2 Spacix
1.3 Monaco Madness
1.4 Everything Has Changed (Je Suis Dio Mix)
1.5 C'est la Vie
1.6 Get Up, Clap Your Hands
1.7 French Filters
1.8 Take Part of Me
1.9 Ménage À Trois
1.10 Parisian Love
1.11 Working It Out
1.12 Purple Haze
1.13 French Connection
1.14 Taste It
1.15 Head Spins (Flirt Remix)

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