DJ Eddie Def

DJ Eddie Def: Inner Scratch Demons

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Product Type: CD
Artist: DJ Eddie Def

Title: Inner Scratch Demons
Label: Ipecac Recordings

1.1 Intro/Crybaby
1.2 King of Rock/
1.3 World Premier
1.4 The Future the Past
1.5 You Are a Dummy
1.6 Story of the 80's
1.7 Base Waxxin
1.8 Please Come Back to Me
1.9 Invasion
1.10 Hank Sinatra
1.11 Jack D Vs. G Shack
1.12 Memories/Awful Noise
1.13 Mexican Disses/I Like It You Like It
1.14 Space Funk
1.15 Records and Tapes
1.16 It's Strange
1.17 Mighty Hard Break
1.18 Untouchable Beeootch
1.19 Inner Scratch Demons
1.20 Crabs on Pubics
1.21 Ol' Skool Section/Electro
1.22 I Thought You Were My Friend/When It All Comes Down
1.23 Eddie Def Feedback Outro

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