DJ Hell

DJ Hell: Guede Remixes

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Artist: DJ Hell

Artist: DJ Hell
Title: Guede Remixes
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Guede Remixes is a remix compilation of DJ Hell taken from his fifth studio album Zukunftsmusik (GIGOLO 302CD/LP/X-LP, 2017). The release features a remix by Joyce Muniz and one by Paul Nazca. "Guede"'s soundscape is acidic yet minimal, with it's distorted vocals and raucous instrumentation lending the track an eerie and at times ethereal vibe. Each artist brings a uniquely different perspective on the sound of the original cut, whilst never completely abandoning the track's core identity. Paul Nazca infuses it with trance, Joyce Muniz keeps the acid and adds the deep.

1.1 Guede (Joyce Muniz Passing Lights Remix)
1.2 Guede (Paul Nazca Remix)

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