DJ Koze

DJ Koze: Seeing Aliens

$13.74 $15.98
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: DJ Koze

Title: Seeing Aliens
Label: Pampa
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

DJ Koze forthcoming Knock Knock album, melts a million genres and none into one another, and it comfortably includes "Seeing Aliens". "Seeing Aliens" unquestionably is a banger, it's bass riff snaking around your body like a python, it's high-drama strings, pianos, and outbursts of noise designed for maximum crowd pressure release. The exclusive B side track, "Nein König Nein" ("No King No"), meanwhile, is slightly gentler on the face of it: it's less about sonic pressure, more about hip-shaking syncopation. It's a peculiar brain-tweaking accumulation of detail, with a heart of house and disco.

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