DJ Party: Hits Party Vol. 1

DJ Party: Hits Party Vol. 1
Title: Hits Party Vol. 1
Label: Essential Media Mod

The ultimate collection of the most requested Pop radio hits of modern times spread over 15 discs masterfully performed by DJ Party This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 She Bangs
1.2 Miami
1.3 My Own Worst Enemy
1.4 Sexual
1.5 She's So High
1.6 Rhythm Divine
1.7 Smie
1.8 Unpretty
1.9 Where My Girls at
1.10 Who Will Save Your Soul
1.11 You Light Up My Life
1.12 Hardest Thing
1.13 If You Could Read My Mind
1.14 Jumper

DJ Party: Hits Party Vol. 1

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