DJs Pareja

DJs Pareja: Multimedia

$12.02 $13.98
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: DJs Pareja

Title: Multimedia
Label: Turbo Recordings
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Buenos Aires-based duo DJs Pareja, core members of the amazing Comeme crew, open this EP with the first of two collaborations with Argentine Tom Tom Clubber, Vamos Viendo (previously highlighted on Tiga's 2014 Dance Action mix CD), featuring a simple, catchy bass line; pitched snares; and melodic synth stabs. Multimedia, also with Tom Tom Clubber, weaves it's wild, trippy arpeggio across the dance floor with devastating power, inducing full-scale trance. Von Party joins for the super-wonky Serpientes y Escaleras (Snakes and Ladders), a hissing, winding, sub-filled filter-freak-out; and Alarma, with more rolling snares, arpy synths, and a swelling, ominous alarm sound.

1.1 A1. DJS Pareja ; Tom Tom Clubber - Vamos Viendo
1.2 A2. DJS Pareja ; Tom Tom Clubber - Multimedia
1.3 B1. DJS Pareja ; Von Party - Serpientes y Escaleras
1.4 B2. DJS Pareja ; Von Party - Alarma

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