Dm Bob & the Deficits

Dm Bob & the Deficits: Bad with Wimen

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Dm Bob & the Deficits
Title: Bad with Wimen
Product Type: VINYL LP

VINYL VERSION. DM Bob & The Deficits take the raunchy rockabilly conventions & distorted vocals & guitars of Southern Culture on the Skids into equally inspired places. This is music that kicks and bites like a redneck defending his manhood.

1.1 Meseica Americano
1.2 Bad with Wimen
1.3 Burnin'
1.4 Jeepster
1.5 Didn't Mean to Hurt Ye
1.6 Mean Streak
1.7 Quit That Job
1.8 Coriepower
1.9 Breathless
1.10 How Do You Spell Love?
1.11 Same Thing
1.12 Uh-Oh
1.13 Blind Man with a Pistol
1.14 Yard Sale

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