Dm Bob & the Deficits

Dm Bob & the Deficits: Bush Hog'n Man

$15.56 $18.98

Artist: Dm Bob & the Deficits
Title: Bush Hog'n Man
Product Type: VINYL LP

VINYL VERSION. Get yer grubby hands all over this! "Bush Hog'n Man" from Germany's Kings of Swamp Blues Cajun Tex Mex Louisian Country Trash - DM Bob & The Deficits! Here's the lowdown: This is considered by many to be the most ferocious LP the band recorded. Truly DM Bob's greatest album!

1.1 Girl Roper
1.2 Flyin' Fuck
1.3 Two Headed Woman
1.4 Goin' Away
1.5 Hungry Eyes
1.6 Always Talkin'
1.7 Alligator Woman
1.8 Angel
1.9 Mambo Slop
1.10 Hooker Bones
1.11 Texas Way
1.12 Bush Hog'n Man

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